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Research Area: Food & Ag-Science Innovations

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Soil Health, a Basis for Human Health: A Study on the Interlinkages between Agronomic Factors and Human Nutritional Wellbeing in Jharkand, India

Cornell University, 2020 Abstract: The resources that shape our environment, including soils, play an immense role in determining our health. Yet, not much attention has been given to the study of the soil–human health nexus. In this dissertation, we address this research deficiency by conducting...
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Developing Microalgae-Based Fortified Wheat Flour to Address Iron Malnutrition in India

Cornell University, 2020 Abstract: Iron deficiency anemia affects 1.2 billion people worldwide. Current iron fortificants either suffer from poor bioavailability or negatively affect the sensory profile of foods. In this project, we investigated the potential of defatted microalgae Nannochloropsis oceanica (DGM), a by-product of the...
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Building Evidence for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture: The Experience of Introducing Orange-Flesh Sweet Potato in India

Cornell University, 2020 Abstract: Background and Objectives Despite global progress on reducing malnutrition, micronutrient-inadequate diets still contribute to a large public health burden in many underdeveloped regions. These deficiencies are a product of both lack of sufficient affordable diverse foods in local food systems, as...
Greg Traxler

Greg Traxler

Greg Traxler is a TCI fellow working on the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement as a member of the institutional capacity research team. He is an economist with expertise in the areas of agricultural science and technology…
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In Vitro Digestion Methods to Estimate Forage Quality and Applied Research on Goat Feeding Systems in Odisha, India

Cornell University, 2018 Abstract: Measuring forage quality reliably in the laboratory and field is of crucial importance because livestock nutrition is a defining component of system productivity and accounts for a substantial portion of system costs. This dissertation explores both aspects of forage quality estimation with...
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The Green Revolution and Crop Biodiversity

In P. Dasgupta, P. H. Raven, and A. L. McIvor (Eds.) Biological Extinction: New Perspectives, Chapter 6. University of Cambridge Press 2019.
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Soil Health Assessment

In A. Rakshit, S. Ghosh, S. Chakraborty, V. Philip, and A. Datta (Eds.) Soil Analysis: Recent Trends and Applications, Springer Singapore 2020.
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Foraging and Body Condition Characterization of Goats in Northwestern India

The Indian Journal of Small Ruminants 2015, 21(2): 245-252