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Research Area: Gender & Nutrition

Alcohol Ban and Crime: The ABC’s of the Bihar Prohibition

Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 17, No. 4, 2024
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Essays on the Effects of Migration & Remittances on Households in Rural India

Cornell University, 2021 Abstract: This dissertation focuses on the effects of migration and remittances on the welfare of families left-behind, in the context of farming households in rural India. Labor migration is heavily male dominant in India, and women and children are often left behind....
Apurva Borar

Apurva Borar

Apurva Borar is a PhD student in the field of applied economics and management. Her research interests include the economics of gender, public policy, development economics, and social networks in economics. Prior to joining Cornell, she worked as an assistant…

Guidelines for Assessing Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

TCI-TARINA Training Manual No. 2, September 2016

TARINA District Fact Sheet on Maternal and Child Health

TCI-TARINA District Fact Sheet No. 2, May 2018

TARINA District Fact Sheet on Dietary Diversity

TCI-TARINA District Fact Sheet No. 1, May 2018