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Cornell University

Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Cornell Food Systems Global Summit

From 3D-printed phyllo pastries to petite peppers packing powerful nutritional punches, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration will be key ingredients forming the future of food. Academic experts and industry insiders gathered at Cornell University on December 8 for a global summit to discuss new approaches to emerging food system challenges. They served up fresh findings and engaging exchanges on a range of topics, from the business of food, to its nutrition, safety and consumption around the world. Also on the menu: hands-on technology demonstrations, resource exhibits, networking opportunities, and presentations from the next generation of food scientists and researchers – including a presentation from TCi Director Prabhu Pingali for the session entitled “Food System Strategies for Feeding 9 Billion.”

Throughout the day, special emphasis was placed on the power of integrative approaches and the role that public-private partnerships can play in driving innovation and shaping sustainable solutions. For more information about the program and list of speakers, visit