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Tag: Amrutha Pampackal

A woman carrying wood from a forest in Thuamul Rampur. (Photo by Amrutha Jose Pampackal/TCI)

Are Forests Still Relevant for the Nutrition Security of Traditional Forest Dwellers? Insights from One Year of Fieldwork in Kalahandi, Odisha

Forests have garnered a lot of attention in international policy discussions in recent years because of their role in addressing the rising challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change. Less discussed is the importance of forests for the sustainability of…

As Forests Degrade and Livelihoods Change, What Do India’s Adivasis Eat?

In this blog post, TCI scholar Amrutha Jose Pampackal recounts her experiences speaking with members of tribal communities in Odisha, India, about how deforestation and remittances from migrant workers are impacting their diets. It was a Friday morning in July…

Amrutha Jose Pampackal

Amrutha Jose Pampackal is a PhD student in the field of development sociology. She is interested in studying the sociology of access to food, particularly among marginalized communities in India. Prior to joining Cornell, Amrutha worked with the International Food…