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Using Simple Models to Characterize Long-Term Trends and Variability in Regional Hydrology

Cornell University, 2014 Abstract: The three studies presented here demonstrate the utility of simple models in identifying long-term trends and variability in regional hydrology. In the first study, three new methods were used to identify the start and end of the rainy season in India. By...
Asha Sharma

TCi welcomes new researcher to tackle climate change and nutrition impacts in India

Water storage (natural or manmade) is one way in which we buffer against climate risks involving inadequate water. Not only is irrigation a way to deal with the occasional dry spell, but in many places it is critical to maintaining…

Dr. Asha Sharma

Asha Sharma was a postdoctoral associate with TCI from 2014-2016. Her work aimed to quantify risks to agriculture in India due to climate change. This effort builds on the extensive current body of work in this area by doing the…