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A farmer tending to blue agave plants

Report Explores Evidence on FPOs and Other Farm Aggregation Models

The average size of farms in developing countries of the world is 2 hectares or less. Smallholder farmers who rely on agriculture as their primary source of income often live in poverty. By joining together with other smallholders, farmers can…
A man uses a laptop at an agricultural market

Technology Is Key to Bolstering India’s Food System

As India’s population grows and the country continues to urbanize, it will need to produce greater amounts of diverse agricultural products. A new report from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) contends that India can achieve a sustainable…
A woman standing in a field

Asia’s Food Systems Transformation: How It Happened and What Comes Next

Not so long ago, famines were a recurrent feature in Asia, with many dying from chronic hunger and poverty. The continent’s swing from deficiency to self-sufficiency in food did not happen unaided; it was thanks to policy and technology interventions.…
Men examining plants

Improving Public Sector Plant Breeding for the Future of Food Security

Public plant breeding programs play a central role in tackling local food security challenges around the world, but how can we be sure that they are operating effectively and optimally at the institutional level? In this blog series, the Feed…

Technological Interventions in Indian Food Systems and the Future of Food Security

Technological Interventions in Indian Food Systems and the Future of Food Security is available for download in PDF format. With India on track to become the world’s most populous country by 2030, agricultural technology will play a vital role in ensuring that the country meets...
A woman harvesting strawberries

FPOs or Bust: Farm Aggregation Review Finds Newer Models Are the Most Successful

As demand for high-value, diverse agricultural products rises throughout the developing world, smallholder farmers face pressure to either commercialize or exit the farm sector altogether. Farmers that can scale up their operations have a significant opportunity to improve their livelihoods.…
Prabhu Pingali speaking at a podium

TCI Helps Students Solve Food Systems Problems at Digital Ag Hackathon

Students representing 28 different fields across Cornell University competed to find the best digital solution to food systems challenges at the fourth annual Digital Agriculture Hackathon, held from March 11-13. The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) cosponsored the…
Solar panels powering irrigation pumps on a paddy field

Ambitious Initiative Aims to Achieve Zero-Hunger, Zero-Carbon Food Systems

A new initiative at the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) will chart a path for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture while meeting the nutritional demands of growing populations. The two-year research project will develop accurate…