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Rohil Bhatnagar standing in a lab

Alumnus Pursues Cutting-Edge Food Science Innovations

TCI alumni shine in many different fields, including academics and development research. One recent alumnus is making a mark in private industry as a food scientist combining science, technology, and business acumen. Rohil Sahai Bhatnagar, who received his PhD in…
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Developing Microalgae-Based Fortified Wheat Flour to Address Iron Malnutrition in India

Abstract Iron deficiency anemia affects 1.2 billion people worldwide. Current iron fortificants either suffer from poor bioavailability or negatively affect the sensory profile of foods. In this project, we investigated the potential of defatted microalgae Nannochloropsis oceanica (DGM), a by-product of the biofuel industry, as...
microalgae seen from under a microscope

2020-21 Annual Report: Using Microalgae to Address Iron Deficiency

TCI is exploring an innovative approach to curbing iron deficiency by fortifying wheat flour using a byproduct of the biofuel industry. Widely consumed and available through India’s Public Distribution System, wheat flour is an ideal vehicle for fortification.
microalgae seen from under a microscope

Biorefinery to Kitchen: Addressing Iron Deficiency Using Microalgae-Fortified Flour

This piece from the TCI 2019-20 Annual Report presents TCI scholar Rohil Bhatnagar’s efforts to fortify wheat flour using iron from microalgae. Download the full annual report to read more. Few foods are as appealing as freshly made roti. What…

Five TCI Scholars Earn PhDs

Five scholars from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) completed their PhDs over the past few months, despite restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shiuli Vanaja, Anthony Wenndt, Kathryn Merckel, Fatma Rekik, and Rohil Bhatnagar each earned their…

Dr. Rohil Sahai Bhatnagar

Rohil Sahai Bhatnagar received his PhD in food science and technology at Cornell University in 2020. He is now a senior research scientist at PepsiCo. His research focused on developing novel iron-rich microalgae composites and exploring their utility as potential…