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Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition

Past Projects

Women and children walking on a farm

Explore TCI projects that have come to a close:

Access to clean water and sanitation in India continues to be inadequate, resulting in poor health outcomes. Despite longstanding efforts by various levels of government to improve the access and affordability of safe drinking water, only 40% of Indians have access to piped water in their homes. TCI partnered with AguaClara to provide clean drinking water technology for villages in rural India.

In the fight against malnutrition, fortified staples like flour can help ensure that people consume critical micronutrients. Yet, in many areas of India, smallholder farmers do not purchase flour at the market, opting instead to grow and process their own grain. To address micronutrient deficiency among these communities, TCI spearheaded Sfurti, providing an easy-to-use, home-based method for fortification.

TCI’s flagship project, TARINA was a consortium that brought together policy-focused academics from diverse disciplines with scale, quality, and impact-focused non-governmental organizations to design and implement data-driven solutions for addressing the complex problem of malnutrition in India.