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Video Coverage for 2017 Annual Celebration

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At the end of each year, the Tata-Cornell Institute holds a special event to publically report on our research findings as well as to share project updates from our field locations in India. We also launch our Annual Report.  The event was held on Friday, December 8th, 2017.

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Presentations include:

Welcome & Opening Remarks with Dr. Max Pfeffer, Executive Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

2017 in Review: Reflections and Vision from Dr. Prabhu Pingali, Director of the Tata-Cornell Institute

Greetings from the TCI-TARINA Office in Delhi

Maureen Valentine, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Animal Science, on Sustainable Livestock Feeding Systems in the Face of Intensifying Goat Production

Fieldnotes: Vidya Vemireddy, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Applied Economics, on Understanding the Effects of Time Allocation Patterns of Women on Nutrition in Rural Maharashtra, India

Dr. Anaka Aiyar, Postdoctoral Associate, on Diversity in Development: Interstate Differences in the Indian Growth Story

Shiuli Vanaja, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Applied Economics, on Access to Piped Water, Time Savings and Diarrhea Incidence: Results from Field Survey in Jharkhand

Fieldnotes: Anthony Wenndt, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Plant Pathology

and Plant-Microbe Biology, on Mitigating the Risk Factors for Mycotoxin Contamination across the Food System

Dr. Mathew Abraham, Assistant Director and Research Associate, on Market–Farm Linkages: Producer Organizations and Private Value Chains in Pulses

Fieldnotes: Kathryn Merckel, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in International Nutrition, on Promoting Orange-fleshed Sweet Potato to Address Vitamin A Deficient Diets in Uttar Pradesh

Payal Seth, Tata-Cornell Scholar and PhD Candidate in Applied Economics,

on Igniting Change in Sanitation Behavior in Uttar Pradesh

Fieldnotes: Dr. Shubh Swain, Gender & Nutrition Specialist, on field site visits for the TCI-TARINA Initiative

Dr. Andaleeb Rahman, Postdoctoral Associate, on the Bumpy Road from Food to Nutrition Security