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TCI Researcher Talks Social Safety Nets in Economic Times Interview

Since its publication earlier this year, TCI’s latest book, The Future of India’s Social Safety Nets: Focus, Form, and Scope has been downloaded more than 13,000 times. TCI research associate and lead author Andaleeb Rahman recently spoke with The Economic Times about the book, the comprehensive vision of social safety nets that it envisions, and some current issues involving social welfare programs in India.

The Future of India’s Social Safety Nets draws from interdisciplinary scholarship to analyze India’s current array of social safety net programs. Rahman and coauthor Prabhu Pingali propose a systemic approach to social protection with the overarching goal of “development resilience.”

“It has to be understood that these are all programs collectively to serve people on multiple dimensions of vulnerability,” Rahman told The Economic Times. “A systems approach means there has to be enough synergy and coordination between departments running the programs and people thinking about these developmental challenges—it cannot be piecemeal.”

Read the full article in The Economic Times: “India’s social welfare schemes don’t speak to each other: Andaleeb Rahman, Cornell University academic”