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A woman in a mustard field in India

Farmers and Consumers Pay the Price for Burdensome GM Regulations: The Case of GM Mustard in India

Policymakers in India have taken the first step to allow commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) mustard. The conditional approval for the environmental release of the Dhara Mustard Hybrid (DMH)-11 and its parental events bn3.6 and modbs2.99, given by the…

Hybrid Mustard and Biotechnology: Pathways for Doubling Farmers’ Incomes and Nutritional Security

Abstract The government’s decision to move ahead on the much-delayed genetically modified mustard developed by the University of Delhi signifies a turnaround and bodes well for the country’s food system. Numerous tests over the last 20 years prove its safety for food, feed, and the...
Chandra Nuthalapati

Dr. Chandra S. Nuthalapati

Chandra S. Nuthalapati is a professor of economics at the Institute of Economic Growth in New Delhi, India. His research interests include food value chains, the economics of technological change, natural resource management, and the social sector. He believes in…

Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems and Biofortified Crops

Abstract The realization that economic growth is a necessary but insufficient condition for improving the nutritional status has led to a paradigm shift in addressing malnutrition through nutrition-sensitive development. Biofortification is one such nutrition-sensitive food system intervention designed to supply crucial micronutrients through staple diets...