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Women harvesting chickpeas

Can Machine-Harvestable Chickpeas Spare Female Laborers Time on the Farm?

September 14, 2022 by Jialu Li
Women in rural India face significant burdens on their time, as they often must balance farm work with unpaid housework. This is especially during the harvest seasons, when women spend even more time on the farm. The drudgery that women face can negatively influence their health and nutrition. That is why I was excited to…
Red blood cells

Op-ed Highlights Anomaly in India’s Anemia Figures

September 14, 2022
While anemia has declined in India from 2005-2015, the latest round of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) shows that it is now on the rise, increasing from 53-57% in women and 58-67% in children in the past five years. In an op-ed published in The Indian Express, TCI researchers Soumya Gupta and Payal Seth…
Prabhu Pingali speaks at a podium

TCI Kicks Off Yearlong 10th Anniversary Celebration

September 9, 2022
The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) kicked off a celebration of its 10th anniversary on Thursday, September 8, with a series of presentations on different aspects of the Institute’s work. The event was the first of a planned yearlong celebration that will include monthly guest lectures and culminate in a two-day conference in…
A woman standing in a field

Asia’s Food Systems Transformation: How It Happened and What Comes Next

September 6, 2022
Not so long ago, famines were a recurrent feature in Asia, with many dying from chronic hunger and poverty. The continent’s swing from deficiency to self-sufficiency in food did not happen unaided; it was thanks to policy and technology interventions. Will the same approach work for Asia’s current and future food system challenges, like malnutrition,…
Men examining plants

Improving Public Sector Plant Breeding for the Future of Food Security

August 25, 2022 by Mathew Abraham, Sage Grasso-Monroe
Public plant breeding programs play a central role in tackling local food security challenges around the world, but how can we be sure that they are operating effectively and optimally at the institutional level? In this blog series, the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement’s (ILCI) institutional capacity team explores how they came…
A woman tends to a field of rice

Study Reveals Complex Links Between Soil and Human Health

August 23, 2022
Nutrition doesn’t depend only on the type of food you eat. It is influenced by a complex network of factors, including soil, according to new research from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI). In a study published in the journal Frontiers in Soil Science, TCI alumna Fatma Rekik and faculty fellow Harold van…
Two photos of people talking in a room

TCI and ICRISAT Continue Partnership to Improve Access to Indian Food Systems Data

August 17, 2022
The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) and the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) are beginning a new phase of their partnership to expand and improve the District-Level Database for Indian Agriculture and Allied Sectors. The open-access platform database will feature more up-to-date data and additional variables related to nutrition,…

TCI Publishes 2021-22 Annual Report

August 15, 2022
The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) has published its 2021-22 Annual Report. The report offers an in-depth look at the full range of TCI’s research and other activities, including a look back at its signature project, Technical Assistance and Research for Indian Nutrition and Agriculture (TARINA). The report also features a peek at new projects like…
Harold van Es speaking at a podium

Times of India Reports on TCI’s Zero-Hunger, Zero-Carbon Food Systems Project

August 12, 2022
The Tata-Cornell Institute’s (TCI) efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of Indian agriculture garnered the attention of national news media this week, with the Times of India reporting on a recent workshop held in Patna, Bihar. Organized by TCI and the Asian Development Research Institute’s Centre for Studies on Environment and Climate, the workshop brought…
A woman harvesting strawberries

FPOs or Bust: Farm Aggregation Review Finds Newer Models Are the Most Successful

August 4, 2022
As demand for high-value, diverse agricultural products rises throughout the developing world, smallholder farmers face pressure to either commercialize or exit the farm sector altogether. Farmers that can scale up their operations have a significant opportunity to improve their livelihoods. According to a study from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI), a new…